Sorry, I haven’t been on much!

Sorry I haven’t been on much. Unfortunately that is a trend that is going to continue for a few months. My family and I are moving out of state. I’m excited for the move but that will consume much of my time. I promise not to be a stranger. 

Happy Holliday’s!!!


It’s been a while since I’ve been on. I wanted to wish everyone Happy Hollidays and let you know I am working on more books, but I am also in the process of moving and possibly starting school. I am currently doing a lot of research for my books and all the stuff needed to know when moving to a new place. I’ll keep you updated. 


Thanks again for checking my blog. Feel free to email me any questions you have. 


Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone is having a happy and safe Halloween. It’s one of my favorite times of the year, and I can’t wait to dress up. 

Reading Now

I am currently into the author Jasmine Haynes. She has a mystery romance that is quite interesting and I will be starting book three today. Right now I really like this author. I read Revenge first which was and I believe still is a free ebook. I thought “why not try it out it’s a free book after all” and it hooked me. Then I read Somebodies Lover which is book one of The Jackson Brothers series. I plan on reading the rest of the series, but found I was in the mood for a Paranormal Mystery/Romance so I started to read the Max Starr series she wrote. I just want to say that I am really enjoying this author. Bye now, I’m going to start book three in the Max Starr series now.

My Body Hurts!

Yesterday I went to the hills to go four-wheeling. The hills we went to are close to some sand dunes so of course we had to check it out. While there our vehicle got stuck and just as I started to help dig us out the wind picked up, so every time I removed sand from behind the tires it would be replaced with more almost instantaneously. Finally worn out and barely able to move, my husband went for help. He was back within twenty minutes of departure, and with our rescuers help we were unstuck in minutes and on our way. By this time I was already starting to ache from all the digging I had done and was grateful and relieved to be leaving. Today I ache more and find myself moaning at times when I walk. I would also like to give a shout out to those people who are willing to stop and help others in need. Who ever you are, what ever you do to help others, you are all AWESOME!

Old stories

So I was going through my saved stories and found one that was by far my longest, at least 70,000 words and it wasn’t finished. I remembered the story but it had been years since I worked on it so I decided to check it out. I am pleased to announce that it has great potential, however it will need complete reworking and additional scenes put in. Due to how much work it’s going to take to get this thing in decent shape I have decided to work on my other stories, but put one hour a day into reworking this story. As much as I would like to hammer through this book and get it done fast, I just don’t think it will work that way. Anyways I was excited to see a story that is so promising and already has so much put into it.


Do you have phrases that you read in a book that tend to have the opposite effect then the author intended. I have one, it’s “Oh Lord.” It’s when I’m reading a romance or erotica and “Oh Lord” is supposed to be someones inner thoughts about how hot or sexy something is to them at that moment. When ever I read that it’s kind of a dash of cold water because instead of sexy hot sex scenes I get this thicker, softer lady in her mid fifties with light brown hair that flashes in my mind, and something about this woman radiates friendship or family essence not scorching hot sex. I can usually bypass my mental thought process if its an author I expect that phrase from, but if I don’t expect it than it throughs me for a mental loop. I wish I knew why I have this matronly lady as my mental image when that phrase is used. Feel free to leave me comments about phrases that through you off your reading game. I would really be interested in what they are.


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