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Might have just found my ebook cover

I wanted a simple cover for my first free ebook, so I advertised on I received 6 replies and 4 of them had websites I could brows. My heart pounded I was so excited. One artist used colors I liked so I emailed him that he was the one I liked most. When I advertised I hadn’t mention that I needed an ebook cover for an erotica book, but because I really liked this artist I let him know what it was for. He is unsure if he wants his name on an erotica ebook cover so I am now waiting to hear back to see if he will let me use one of the three options he sent. If he will then I need to know what type of credit he would like to receive in the book. I am so excited I find my self squealing when least expected. I am so close to being able to publish my first ebook. Keep your fingers crossed for him letting me use his art work.

New Author

Hi, I’m a new author and I am excited to get started on writing. I had started a book before but unfortunately I never finished it. This time is different. I finished my first short erotica story this morning and I am now into the next steps of learning how to publish on I can’t wait to see what comes next.