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Coming out July 2, 2013

Mira Plus Three

Mira and her three best guy friends get together for their ritual Thursday night movie fest. Having had crushes on each of them at one time or another while growing up it’s not really a surprise when the drinks start flowing and cloths start to disappear. What started out as just another night ends up becoming a night of ecstasy and fulfilling one of her deepest darkest fantasies. When the sun comes up will they remain friends or will their years of friendship come to an abrupt halt? Image

Fulfilling Anna’s Needs


I am so excited. I just published my first paid for book on I hope it does well, but we will see. I can’t help skipping everywhere I go, which makes people look at me funny but who cares, I’m excited. Yeah me!

So Bummed!

The first cover artist that I have worked with has decided he doesn’t want to do art work for erotica novels. I understand his position but that doesn’t stop me from being disappointed. He’s good at what he does. He could take my ideas and make them better. At least I was fortunate enough to find a new cover artist that I really like.


I’ve decided the last title was not misleading but not complete in the post. I want to be published for my birthday. I have two books completely done except for the ebook covers. The third book is currently being written. I say book, but I mean novella. So that is why my last title was 2books down 1 to go. Also I just read this blurb for an upcoming release The accidental Submissive by author Leah Michaels. It comes out at the beginning of July, but it looked so good I don’t want to wait. 

Two books down one to go!

My birthday is coming up so I decided that for my birthday I wanted my first few paid books published. I get excited at the idea of waking up on my birthday and seeing one or two books, that you pay for of course, published already. Every year I usually ask for a Barnes and Noble card for my birthday. This year it was for ebook covers early so I could be published. As it stands right now, I will definitely get my birthday wish, from at least one of the cover artists. 

Currently in negotiations for my covers!

I am so excited. I decided to branch out and try a new cover artist for one of my upcoming releases. I really like the artists gallery. I will keep you updated on my progress. 

Night off!

I decided to take the night off. I did a little work this afternoon, so I don’t feel to badly about this choice. I have enjoyed reading, but what I wanted to share was this new tv show I watched tonight. It’s called Crossing Lines. It is about a group of elite people in one form of police or another from different countries. They get together to hunt bag guys on an international scale. I like the first episode and can’t wait to see what the next one is about. You should check it out.