I just received my cover and placed it in the book. I plan on doing one more read through and then I will be publishing my book this coming Monday. For all that are interested here is the synapsis.

Cammie and her two new friends/coworkers decide to hit the country dance scene for their weekend fun. Out dancing and having a good time she sees a tall cowboy that sets her blood on fire. She attempts to ask for a dance but is a little too late. When the hunky cowboys’ friend offers to dance she agrees. Finding her dance partner charming she invites him to visit with the rest of her group. While chatting with the new friend the hunky cowboy from before joins the group. Taking her second chance she grabs the bull by the horns as the saying goes and wrangles the hunky cowboy for a dance. As the night goes on the hunky cowboy offers to teach her how to ride. How can a girl refuse such a tempting offer? She agrees and is in for a long night.

Warning: Contains adult language and explicit sexual content