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New story Idea!

I wasn’t going to type with my family here, but I have a new story idea I am excited about. I haven’t figured out the title, but that’s not really an issue until I finish the story. It has voyeuristic and possibly exhibitionism. Really excited to start working on it. 

Family Visiting

I have family coming to visit later today. I have no idea how long they will visit, and I can’t help be a little frustrated. I love my family, but I wont be able to get as much work done with them around. For some odd reason they seem to want my attention. Sigh, sometimes it’s difficult being loved.


I have already done 2000 words, now I will hopefully do another 3000. I really enjoy my work


Later the same night.

Looks like I’m calling it a night after doing a total of 3,000 words. Oh well there’s always tomorrow.

Rest Day!

I took yesterday off. I hadn’t originally intended too, but I was kept busy from the moment I woke up. Though I had a lot of fun yesterday I look forward to getting back to work today. 

My review of Intentional by MK Harkin

I was given an arc of Intentional to review and post my review on August 8. I was really excited for this opportunity to try something new in the writing industry. 

Hunter’s Fantasy Review from 2 Chicks and a Blog

***2 Chicks and a Blog Review***


HOLY HELL!!!  E Alexander comes through, YET AGAIN.


Just when we think it gets no better than Mira Takes Three and Fulfilling Anna’s Needs … Welcome to Hunter’s Fantasy.  


What’s a girl to do when she has been infatuated with her older brothers best friend, for as long as she can remember?  When you see an opening, you take it.  


Crashing Hunter’s bachelor party disguised as a belly dancing stripper, here to give Hunter one more wild ride before marrying the “bitchy ball and chain”, a young woman finds herself fulfilling her own fantasies instead of Hunter’s (even though Hunter is BEYOND happy)


The sex in this book is out of this world but the tension leading up to the big act, WOW!  Going to the costume rental shop to get me a harem girl costume for this evening is on my “to do list” today.  


I really feel like this story was left on a tad bit of a cliff.  I WANT MORE!!!  GIVE. ME. MORE.  


If begging for it is your style, E Alexander, 2 Chicks and a Blog are BEGGING for more of Hunter and this story.  


These 2 Chicks give this story by E.  Alexander 4.5 out of 5 sexy, hot, harem girl stars.  


(The only reason it’s 4.5 is because WE. WANT. MORE)


Amanda and Ashley

***2 Chicks and a Blog***


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Hunter’s Fantasy out to the Beta reader!

I just sent out my newest story to the beta reader. It should be back within a few days and after I read the notes I will make necessary corrections then publish it at smashwords. I would love to have Hunter’s Fantasy out this week, but I don’t feel like it would be fair to rush my new beta reader. I am so freaking excited. It’s so much fun writing stories. Now I just need to clean up my other story that will be out after Hunters Fantasy, and send it to the beta reader to then I can focus on my longer ebooks. Oh yeah and here is a sneak peak for the cover of Hunter’s Fantasy.