Fulfilling Anna’s Needs – E Alexander – Ashley’s Review

Soooo .. What do you do when you’re husband is lame in bed?  You mount his brother, of course!!!
This woman just doesn’t quit with these short erotic stories.  It seems like each one gets hotter than the last.  Everything about this is taboo but I love it so much.
A husband who loves his wife so much, gives her the one thing he cant.  EARTH MOVING SEX with his sexy younger brother.
If I were wearing panties, they would have melted right off my body!!  WOWZA.
Anna is married to her kind compassionate BORING LOVER of a husband.  She loves her husband so dearly that she will endure a lifetime of boring sex because of that love.  When her husbands brother needs a place to crash, he ends up at their home and IN THEIR SHOWER!!  
Mother of all things holy!!  
E Alexanders short stories for the win!!
4 out of 5 stars for this steamy piece of erotica!  Off to bed ladies and gents.  I have some “business” to handle … 
I know it’s almost a taboo subject but I liked it. Love these reviewers and can’t wait to see what other reviews they give not just me but other authors. Check them out their great!