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Finally got my computer back!

I finally have my computer back and I have already started working. I am editing The Naughty Nymph and I have a few more parts to write in a romance I’m working on. I have other stories I can and will work on but these two are the closest to being done and I would like to finish them quickly and get them out to everyone. 




This is the cover for my next soon to be released ebook.

New story Idea

Two nights ago while I was trying to go to sleep the beginnings of a story kept playing through my mind. It’s a story I’m going to need to do research on and hasn’t completely formed in my mind, but it intrigues me all the same. I also started editing one of my short stories and should soon be publishing it. It’s called The Naughty Nymph. Hopefully soon I will have a few more short stories ready for publishing.

Good news

I was able to transfer my latest work onto an external hard drive so I will be able to get back to work later today. First the pool, then I work. Hee her, I love being my own boss.

Frustrating News

My computer is broken and is going in for repair, but it may take a while. Even though I back up all my work I’m not sure I backed it up the last time I worked, so I have to try and figure out how to do that with a glitchy mouse, or start a new story to work on while its being repaired. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long for my computer to be fixed.