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I was at the grocery story today standing in the check out lane. The lady scanning my food was a nice lady in her mid fifties. She scanned my milk and a few other items rather quickly. I always ask for my milk to be bagged because when I bring in my groceries I do it by the arm load. Every spare inch of my arms are covered in bags. So I ask the lady to place my milk in a bag and she smiles and agrees. Instead of placing my milk in the next  bag she continues filling other bags with the items still needed to be scanned. I had no problem with this so I waited patently while chatting with her. She scanned another of my items which happened to be a big glass bottle of vanilla syrup for my coffee, and placed it on the counter next to the milk right where she had been placing all the other bags. Now by this time my body is in robot retrieval mode so I reach for the bottle pick it up a few inches before giving myself a mental shake and placing it back down. The lady scanning my items looks me in the eye, pausing briefly in her scanning and says, “You just stand their looking pretty and leave this to me.” I couldn’t help it I bust out laughing. When she said that she reminded me of this male chauvinistic mobster talking to his ditzy mistress. She was a really friendly lady and I continued to chat and laugh with her. I know I could have taken that comment in the wrong light, but honestly I like people that aren’t afraid to tease. I hope that lady has a good week, and since she made me laugh by telling you this story I hoping this little moment of my life brings a smile to your faces.


So I’m a little embarrassed, I was editing The Naughty Nymph when I realized I had started an erotica scene but skipped it to finish the ending. Usually when I do that I highlight it or mark it in some way, but not this time. I had thought I was finished with this cute little story and found I still had writing to do. So I am happy to announce that I finished the writing part and will be doing the editing part tomorrow. Yay, it’s almost done. Sorry about the mistake. I remember the scene in my head I just never got around to typing it apparently. 

Close so very close!

I’m almost done editing The Naughty Nymph. Soon, so very soon I will publish it on  I’m starting to get excited.