Do you have phrases that you read in a book that tend to have the opposite effect then the author intended. I have one, it’s “Oh Lord.” It’s when I’m reading a romance or erotica and “Oh Lord” is supposed to be someones inner thoughts about how hot or sexy something is to them at that moment. When ever I read that it’s kind of a dash of cold water because instead of sexy hot sex scenes I get this thicker, softer lady in her mid fifties with light brown hair that flashes in my mind, and something about this woman radiates friendship or family essence not scorching hot sex. I can usually bypass my mental thought process if its an author I expect that phrase from, but if I don’t expect it than it throughs me for a mental loop. I wish I knew why I have this matronly lady as my mental image when that phrase is used. Feel free to leave me comments about phrases that through you off your reading game. I would really be interested in what they are.