About Elizabeth Alexander


I love to read and write which in my opinion is a must for any author.  I read all types of books but find that I really enjoy writing about my fantasies. As I write them, the stories sometimes run away from what I have planned as each character’s personality grows. It’s been a fun and amazing experience.

I also love to watch anime, listen to songs really really loudly, wrestle with my boys and daydream.  When I was little I loved to tell stories. Growing up hasn’t changed my love for telling stories just the type of stories I now tell.

I hope you enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoy writing it. If you did, please leave me some feedback at the site where you found it! Also please keep checking back at my blog, throughout the year I like to do give aways for a short time as a way to give back to all my readers. Thanks for checking me out!

E. Alexander

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