CAMMIE’S ADVENTURE 1  Currently out

Having the worst day ever Cammie decides a fresh start on life is in order beginning with a wild night out on the town. Just when she was about to give up hope on improving her night she meets the perfect stranger, but once she has experienced this first overwhelmingly passionate night will she be able to stop at just one night, one new experience?

Warning: contains adult language and sexual explicit content


CAMMIE’S ADVENTURE 2 Currently out

Cammie and her two new friends/coworkers decide to hit the country dance scene for their weekend fun. Out dancing and having a good time she sees a tall cowboy that sets her blood on fire. She attempts to ask for a dance but is a little too late. When the hunky cowboys’ friend offers to dance she agrees. Finding her dance partner charming she invites him to visit with the rest of her group. While chatting with the new friend the hunky cowboy from before joins the group. Taking her second chance she grabs the bull by the horns as the saying goes and wrangles the hunky cowboy for a dance. As the night goes on the hunky cowboy offers to teach her how to ride. How can a girl refuse such a tempting offer? She agrees and is in for a long night.

Warning: contains adult language and explicit sexual content


CAMMIE’S ADVENTURE 3 Currently out

Amber talks Cammie into try out a new club with her, and Cammie is in for a big surprise. Not only is the club Amber is taking her to a SEX club, but Amber has some plans for Cammie of her own for this wild night. Will Cammie give in to her pleasure and willingly have a threesome or will her new friendship come to an abrupt halt?

Warning: contains adult language and explicit sexual content


CAMMIE’S ADVENTURE 4 Currently in progress



Anna is happily married only she made a mistake and must now confess her misdeed to her husband. When she goes to confess she is stunned by his own confession. He wants her to have sex with another man again, but this time while he’s watching. Will their confessions lead to the destruction of their marriage or to a wild night that satisfies all?

Warning: This book is for mature readers only. It contains explicit sexual contents that may be inappropriate.


MIRA PLUS THREE  currently out

Mira and her three best guy friends get together for their ritual Thursday night movie fest. Having had crushes on each of them at one time or another while growing up it’s not really a surprise when the drinks start flowing and cloths start to disappear. What started out as just another night ends up becoming a night of ecstasy and fulfilling one of her deepest darkest fantasies. When the sun comes up will they remain friends or will their years of friendship come to an abrupt halt?

Warning: Contains explicit sexual contents, f/m/m/m, gangbang, and may be inappropriate.


MIRA TAKES TWO  currently out

After the mind-blowingly erotic sex with her three closest guy friends Mira wants Nate and all the dark promises she sees in his eyes. Intending to seduce him she finds that she is the one seduced, and tied to the bed. Torturously pleasured for hours. Just when she thinks she can take no more, Beau makes a surprise entrance and decides to join in. Mira has always wondered what it would be like to have two men inside of her at the same time, and now she is about to find out.

Warning: contains adult language and sexual explicit content


Hunter’s Fantasy currently out

For years she has been a shy wallflower always standing in the background dreaming about her brothers best friend. Wanting to change she has started to make small steps to becoming the seductress she dreams of being. With her crush days away from getting married she throwing her meek personality to the road side knowing its her last chance to enact the fantasy she has craved to fulfill for years. Tonight she will dance her way into Hunters room and into his bed for one steamy night full of passion, and pleasure.

Warning: contains adult language and sexual explicit content


The Naughty Nymph

Idly passing the time floating in her pond she’s startled when a large splash jerks her from her daydreaming. Normally she would be a bit peeved at this interruption to her daily routine but one look at the hottie swimming around her home has her curious and aching. She watches as the man climbs out and falls asleep on the little beach surrounding her pond and it’s more temptation then she can pass up. Climbing out of the pond she joins him in a blissfully erotic day.


Warning this story contains explicit sexual content and a naughty nymph taking advantage of a sleeping man.